Unusual Portrait Photography

Unusual portrait photography is one of the best ways to capture exciting images to grab the viewer’s attention and intrigue.

Whether you are a professional or an armature, it’s important to think outside of the box and to be creative. It can lead to ones individual style and trade mark images, but most importantly, its fun.

You will be surprised at the human face or body, and its photogenic characteristics. It’s probably has a more emotional impact to the viewer than majority of the subject out there.

One great way to shoot unusual portrait photography is through Macro photography. You can go absolutely wild and creative with this type of photography, and you can get really extreme with abstract work.

Lots of photographers have the macro lens, and they use this type of lens to do alsorts of macro photography. They can range from flowers, insect to just normal day objects like a wrist watch.

With this type of photography you can take your time and play around with the aperture and the camera angles.

The good thing about macro photography is that you can become an artist and produce your own unique ideas. So much so, that it can leave the viewer baffled as to how the image has been captured.

The human body is a living organism and people can obviously relate to this subject. So because of this, this type of photography has a great impact emotionally.

Capture those emotion through your creativity.

The advantage of this type of usual portrait photography is that you can shoot close and at the same time leaving an emotional impact.

A common photo of human macro photography can be the close up of the eye. Consider the images attached to this article.

They say, “The eyes are the gateway to the soul”. This is so true when doing this type of photography on a portrait.

It’s naturally an emotional image, as you don’t need to see the rest of the face. This is truly an usual portrait photography shot by an imaginative photographer.

This type of image can break composition rules within photography. As you can place your focus, compose and frame according to what mood you want to portray within the portrait.

A word of warning on this type of usual portrait photography is that it can be pretty intrusive for the person you are photographing. So please be careful and be considerate, as the photography itself can be quite delicate.

Needless to say, that it’s best to use a macro lens and consider the lighting to reflect the mood, and keeping the person you are shooting, relaxed.

Again, a word of warning is to consider the strength and positioning of any artificial light. It can be harsh and dangerous to the eye.

The lighting on the skin at post processing can be tricky. It’s best to shoot in raw mode, and post process the pictures in your favourite software.

The way you want to highlight the colour skin tones is up to personal choice. As some photographers do prefer shooting in black and white, instead of colour.

It’s all about showing warm or cold emotions with a portrait.

The human skin has interesting details, for example the wrinkles and texture. This can make the job quite difficult with this usual portrait photography. You need to be really careful in positioning the lights, camera settings and camera angels.

You need to bring out those textures of the skin, instead of shooting the image flat, as it can come out lifeless. Make the viewer get involved in looking at the picture carefully, as the skin textures can make the picture come to life and show emotion.

You can go real abstract in this type of unusual portrait photography. It’s good to use makeup, tattoos, hairs or piercing to make the image even more unusual.

When doing this type of photography, try experiment with props. For example, get the model to wear spectacles, face paint, tattoos or artificial piercing.

This really can make the image unusual and creative.

Along with the direction of the camera and angel and playing with the lightening, you will really grab the viewers attention.

So go ahead, and let your creativeness come out in pursuing unusual portrait photography.

Good luck!