Like any other business or nature of work, you can have your ups and downs.
As a photographer, I often come across those days.

Some days you wake up and you can’t wait to get out and click that shutter button, and there are other days where you just don’t feel like going out, or even taking your camera out of the bag.

A good way to beat this state of mind is to think about shooting a Photography Project!

There are thousands and thousands of ideas out there that can help you create a unique Photography Project. It all depends what you like shooting and what are your interests are.

I must admit, when I started doing my Photography Projects, it was a nightmare to come out and think of any ideas. It’s always the case, but once you put your mind to it, you won’t look back.

Here is a small list of some ideas. This list is far from being conclusive!

• Go outside or inside and photograph objects from A-Z.  You can shoot one image every day or whatever frequency you want to shoot.

• You could photograph a different flower each day, if your surrounds allow you to.

• Stick to one lens! For example, go out and shoot with a 50mm prime. Go for a walk and use one particular lens. This will push your creativity and help you be more discipline. 

• Set yourself a target and a Photography Project where you take one portrait of a stranger, every day. You can do this for 3 months, 6 months or a year. It’s all up to you to set the goals and duration.  I actually know someone who does this, and has a great archive and portraits of strangers, and he blogs one every day. After 2 years, he is still at it!

• Go out of your comfort zone and shoot social issues. It can be anything from, homelessness to Drugs. The list can be endless.

• Another popular Photography Project can be reflections. Photography objects, buildings and people and try see reflections in the pool, against a shop window etc.

• Try a Graffiti project. Put on some good shoes, and walk those back streets, and you will be amazed of the street art.

Urban street photography project in Bradford. Street graffiti.

As you can see from the above examples, the list can be endless.

It’s a great way to give you an incentive and a push to make you to go out and click that shutter button.

Remember, that your Photography Project will ONLY be unique to you and no one else.

You can be as unique as you like, and you just never know, it could turn out to be exhibition material.

I have personally done a unique Photography Project called, “Butchers of Bradford”. It was basically photographing Butchers in their shop environment.

I shot this project with a Ricoh GR ( 18.3mm (28mm equivalent) f/2.8 lens), and the whole project was shot in an unusual and intimate way.

I will share some of the images in my future blog.

You control the pace, frequency and subject!