Are you looking for a reliable and friendly Manchester Wedding photographer? Look no further!

Studio 68 are based in Bradford, but yet we travel locally and nationally to capture those special moments for our clients.

Manchester is a large city and no doubt wedding couples will be looking for a Manchester wedding photographer, but we are confident that our work and prices will meet head to head with local competition.

We have been approached lately at the Asian Wedding Experience – The Showcase Manchester with lots of clients who were interested in our services.

This was showcase of bridal makeup, photographers and wedding custumes.

It was a great catwalk to show off the asian wedding industry.

We often travel up and down the country to shoot bridal catwalks and network with other organisations.

Before we even decide or book the event and the couple involved, we always suggest meeting at the venue to discuss what the client wants.

This is vital and it’s important to establish a bound and understanding between the client and photographer.

Both parties can ping off ideas with each other, so we know exactly what we want on the day.

It works both ways, as we want to display great photography and portfolio, and also the photography taken on the day is perfect for the occasion.

We only get one chance to get it right.

If you Google, Manchester Wedding Photographer, try to always look further into different areas as you may find a more reasonable package and flexibility.

From our experience, it’s important that we have more then one photographer on a wedding event.

It’s difficult to cover all areas of the event by a single photographer, if the wedding is on a large scale.

Asian weddings can be very chaotic at times, due to lots of number of invites from the bride and the groom.

Hence, to choreograph a photographic scene around the wedding couple can get a little difficult at times.

It is strongly advised that it is a good idea to have personal shots taken of the Bride and Bridegroom in a separate area, away from the main venue.

This will give the wedding couple and the photographer time to take more personal shots for the wedding album.

So whether you are looking for a Manchester Wedding Photographer or someone from afar, it’s important to choose the right one that suits your needs and budget.

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