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Real Life Photography

I am a great fan and admirer of Real life Photography. By this I don’t mean, wedding, modelling or any type of formal photography shoots. My definition of “Real Life Photography” comes under the definition of Street Photography. Some may […]

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Photography Project

image owl in Bradford shopping centre. Part of photography project

Like any other business or nature of work, you can have your ups and downs. As a photographer, I often come across those days. Some days you wake up and you can’t wait to get out and click that shutter […]

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Unusual Portrait Photography

Unusual Portrait Photography and creative

Unusual Portrait Photography Unusual portrait photography is one of the best ways to capture exciting images to grab the viewer’s attention and intrigue. Whether you are a professional or an armature, it’s important to think outside of the box and […]

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Outdoor Portrait Photography : Useful Tips And Tricks

outdoor portrait of two females having fun

Who hasn’t done outdoor portrait photography? When you go out there with your camera along with family or friends, sooner or later you’re bound to end up taking pictures out in the bright sun. Although it may sound like a simple […]

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Photo Portrait and Head Shot

Photo Portrait and Head Shot joe root

As a photographer, there is a great art form in taking photo portrait and head shot photography. It’s a very popular form of photography out there, and for some it can come natural as 1,2,3 and for others it can […]

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Black And White Photography

Man feeding pigeons in a black and white photography image

The charm of black and white photography to highlight family portraits Photography is art. Through years, the field has seen many advancements, changes and significant elements. Photography was and continues to be a field that is flooded by innumerous passionate […]

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Famous Portrait Photography

Inviting special persons to your events can be a great strategy to advertise and market yourself. Product launches, store openings, annual meets, whatever the occasion or event maybe, a celebrity or a well known person can add charm to the […]

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